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What are New flats Ostrava?

New flats Ostrava is a group of 15 apartment houses each comprising of 8 or 12 flats (flat units). The entire complex of apartment houses offers in total 132 flats of all categories (from 1-bed to 3-bed with kitchen corner (2+kk do 4+kk)), including split-level flats. This type of housing provides high standard of living and is located near woodland. This flat complex (completed 1/2009) is conveniently situated in Ostrava- Heřmanice (Czech Republic – Northern Moravia). Very sound investment for the future!
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New flats Ostrava - Heřmanice!

In the locality of Odporovec, city district Ostrava Heřmanice on an area of 32 000 m2 have been developed fifteen modern apartment houses comprising of 132 flats in total. Final inspection of the apartment complex took place in May 2009. Restored in August 2014 flats in private ownership. The entire complex is gated and guarded by a security agency. ... find out more here.

Ten reasons why to choose to live in Nové byty Ostrava - Heřmanice!

1. - Energy efficient houses - the new build is created using new technologies, saving you energy in the long-run.
2. - Quiet Locality - a family type complex with 8 flats per house is located in a quiet area near woodland.
3. - Easy accessibility - only five minutes from the city centre (by car to the City Hall).
4. - Residential housing - Nové byty Ostrava is a gated community, thus providing privacy for its inhabitants.
5. - Local public transport - next to the complex is a trolleybus stop, line 106
6. - Easy parking - for every flat there is a parking place guaranteed – in the form of a garage or a parking lot
7. - Shopping centre in the vicinity - easy access to the shops (a shopping market planned to be built cca 0,5km from the complex)
8. -No traffic jams even during rush hour - if you want to get from Heřmanice to the city centre in the rush hour, you won’t be bothered by long waiting in a traffic jam, as you normally would if you were travelling from Ostrava - Poruba.
9. - Sports and cultural facilities - nearby are the sports grounds Landek with tennis courts and a rope centre, Comenius orchards - also with their own tennis courts, ZOO Ostrava, 3 min. by car to the FCB – Bazaly stadium
10. - Accessibility to highway - easy link to the new D1 highway